I am about to tell you a story of heroes and their glory, of conquerors and their battles, of traitors and their complots, of lovers and their fate. It is a story of commitment and betrayal, of truthfulness and lies and of two lovers who bring destruction to an empire.

"It is the story of a young girl, Kriemhild of Worms, who grew to become a beautiful woman and caused the downfall of all of her kinsmen and the death of thousands of knights."

"It is the story of Siegfried of Xanten - a mighty and skilled young prince and slayer of dragons - who with his magical sword Balmung and cloak of invisibility won the legendary treasure of the Nibelungen and Kriemhild's love. Made invulnerable by bathing in dragons’ blood, Siegfried is slain through treachery by a close friend. His death will bring about the fall of the powerful Burgundian dynasty and result in the Nibelungen treasure being lost forever."

Originating a thousand years ago in central Europe, the story of the Nibelungen takes place in Iceland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary. It has been told from one generation to another, sung to kings and written down by monks. Forgotten at times for centuries, it has always been rediscovered and reinterpreted by scholars and storytellers of the current day. It served as inspiration for Wagner's Ring Cycle, one of the greatest operas of modern times. Although it was misused in this form and condemned as propaganda, the original tale has never lost its power to fire the imaginations of artists and dictators, poets and warriors alike for over a millennium.

Now artist Michael Manning, creator of the Spider Garden and Tranceptor graphic novel series, in collaboration with publisher sum legio, presents his own unique interpretation of the saga of the Nibelungen. Elegant, savage and sensual, Manning's artwork brings new life to this classic tale of love, honor and betrayal.

Michael Manning's The Nibelungen



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