Michael Manning

Michael Manning is an artist based in Los Angeles, California, having moved there from San Francisco, California in late 2005, mostly known for fetish comics. NBM has published several collections of his work, including Cathexis and Lumenagerie, and a series of graphic novels, "The Spider Garden" series, which consists of, in order: "The Spider Garden", "Hydrophidian", "In a Metal Web", and "In a Metal Web II".

French, German, and Italian language editions of "The Spider Garden" have been published by BD Érogéne and Phoenix Erotica. He also worked on "The Tranceptor" series with Patrick Conlon.

Born in Queens, New York, and raised on Massachusetts’ North Shore, Manning went on to study film and animation at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He began self-publishing his black & white erotic comics in 1987 while working as an animator and director of short films, commercials, and music videos (MTV).

Early exposure to Japanese animation, fairy-tale book illustration, American and European comics, and mythology of many cultures has contributed to the formation of Manning’s style.

Manning's work draws heavily on Japanese influences, being somewhat stylized and almost exclusively black-and-white. His themes are notable, even amongst fetish artists, for depicting potentially taboo subjects such as zoophilia. Many of his images include beings that are mythological (such as centaurs) or at least biologically improbable.




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